Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Memories of Cayo Sombrero

These were great memories that through the waves and especially the colours of water and sand.
The sensory, domestic, but ultimately universal common experiences that everyone can relate to wins over the intellectual, exotic or the far flung.
I found this an excersise in color and space where we tried to find a equilibrium with contrasts of extension.

Red clouds

One of my favorite things was to go to the water and spend hours looking at the horizon and sending out my wishes to the Universe to listen to... This piece inspired me while Tasimi and I ran around looking at the clouds come and go as the sun set.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Enrichment through artistry. Inspired by living

Our purpose becomes illuminated, lighting up our dreams and illustrating the road ahead. Art, design, paint, fabric, Color, texture, movement, light, beauty, quality, vitality, freedom; this is not work, it is the way of life we choose to live.
This was a beautiful moment after realising that
I was going to become an artist. It was one of my first attempts I called "The monster" as it was my first attempt to link my work into yarns in Canada. The three dimensional effect through the use of wool. I believe it is the old flag of a country once lived in and identified with was now melted into the bones of my existence.
The size is 6 x 4 ft made in 100% wool.

Life and inspiration

Life should hold purpose and delight for everyone. Art and design have the capacity to deliver both, providing we understand how we are touched by each.
Its energy, source,beauty, and complexity is a mystery.

Thank you for the gift

Thank you for the gift